Humans or Robots

Humans or Robots? The world is getting introduced to AI on a very quick pace, but are we slowly losing our humanity to these technology?

I’ve written a blog the past two weeks, and I must admit something. I used ChatGPT so I could get it done quicker, but I realized in week 3 that ChatGPT is merely a tool that doesn’t have the human touch and we humans can notice that. So, let me start this blog by saying that ChatGPT sucks, and I will no longer be using it for my blogs. They will be authentic and pretty much down to earth. They will also be personal, as they will be leading up to a few surprises I will be discussing in this blog.

Is blogging dead?

This is a legit question that I’ve been asking myself the last few weeks. I’ve started this blog on this website to get people engaged and until now there is hardly any engagement. I guess this says more about me than people though. It might just be that there’s a bunch of crap going on in this world and people don’t have the time to focus. Focus, that’s it. People don’t focus anymore in general. With social media killing each brain cell we have left; I feel that we are all becoming more impatient. Everything must be quicker and quicker. Last week I visited a presentation, and a pitch was given, the speaker exclaimed that our attention is down to six seconds or something crazy like that. We just can’t keep focus and I notice that too. I want to do tons of things, but I can’t find time to structure it in my mind. Whenever I try to, I get distracted by another thing that’s “fun” or something I “also” would like to accomplish.

There I go again, losing focus… the question was if blogging is dead. Is it dead? Are there still people blogging or are they doing what I did. Giving the job to ChatGPT and slightly changing the words. Did you know writing is one of the oldest human inventions? I didn’t, but ChatGPT did. I could have written a blog about writing within seconds with all the facts checked out. However, that’s not my idea of a blog. In these blogs I want to take you by the hand through my mind, embracing all that a creative mind has to offer. I would like that very much, would you?

So, what does this mean? The traditional way of writing instead of using AI? It means you will find mistakes in my words. I might spell something wrong or have a sentence formed incorrectly. Is this the end of the world? No! Do I care? I really don’t! It’s what makes me human and that’s the thing you can’t achieve with ChatGPT.

A few ideas

Last week I pondered on what I really enjoy doing and what else I hoped to do. If you knew me well, you would know that my mind is full of ideas. I wouldn’t exaggerate if I said that every few hours, I get another business idea. The problem is that I suck at execution; that’s a superpower I wish I possessed. I’ve been doing a lot of self-growth and enjoy looking at myself in a critical manner. I’ve learned a lot about myself this past year. I also know what’s holding me back and realized it’s my fears (another human trait). I learned that I fear the opinion of others and that it’s holding me back from doing a lot of these creative things. After realizing that it was fear, I just wrote down the things I wanted to achieve or do and started doing them one by one.

The list

I won’t mention all the things on my list, but I will share a few. It was a few months ago that I met a guy, a creative and inspiring individual. He left me so inspired that I wished to share his story with others. That was a trigger for me to think about starting a podcast. The idea of interviewing creatives and sharing their stories gave me goosebumps, in a good way, though I’ve never done it before. Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve had my first interview and have a few more planned in the near future… so the podcast is about to go down! What else? Yeah, I would like to be of service in some way. In the past I started a charity to help others in need; it was however super difficult to find others to donate to the cause. I still feel the urge to help others, so I planned on just donating the most precious thing I have: “my time”. Every six months I will challenge myself to build a brand identity for a charity or some good cause who can’t afford to have it done. In this way I can meet new people and be of service to others. Does any charity come to mind, feel free to send us an e-mail. 

I started off the blog about AI taking over our brains and focus, but they truly aren’t the problem. I’m the problem, I should realize the things that make me human and try my hardest to preserve these qualities. So, I guess there is one question left to ask; do you prefer human or robot?

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