Jeans is the focus of this project. We are Harmonizing Art and Sustainability: Crafting a Denim Statement for the Statue Route. Be sustainable!

Pieces of Jeans

For a prestigious cultural event, we were bestowed with the honor of crafting an exquisite artwork to grace the illustrious statue route. An annual spectacle where art and culture intertwine, inviting individuals to immerse themselves in wonder. In this endeavor, Concepts by Jones joined forces with the talented Evelien, a connoisseur of jeans work with extensive industry experience.

Together, we meticulously fashioned a statement piece of art that serves as an eloquent reflection of the profound challenges facing the denim industry in its relationship with water. Through our creation, we aspire to illuminate innovative avenues for upcycling and the enduring enjoyment of one's cherished garments."

Jeans in the spotlight

Not only is the artwork candy to the eye, it carries a strong message that i even feel a bit of guilt to be wearing jeans at the moment. It's good to see how we can be creative yet sustainable at the same time.
Anonymous – Passerby