A working community

How branding and inspiration allowed this office building to blossom in a working community.

The task

We were asked if we could create  synergy between renters in an existing office building. 

Asking the right questions

Our approach as always is to look for the ‘why’. We answered this question through its users; what is the reason they chose this complex, what did the expect out of it and what could they achieve. Two reasons were prominent; low cost and working alongside other entrepreneurs.

Concept & Storytelling

This was awesome, both owner and renters had the same goal. To us a few keywords were central (connection, dynamic and comfort). ‘Complex – built to work’ has a double meaning; Its a working space and it’s a concept designed to work as each company is a piece of a puzzle and the building can only exist with them. In short, they are the building blocks; though different sizes, colours and shapes their role make Complex work. Unfortunately the idea came while taking a shower, with no paper around the first concept idea was sketched on a napkin. 

First sketch of the idea on a napkin

Creating a community

In order for this concept to come alive we had to get the renters involved. Not only did they have to understand the new branding, but they had to live it. To help them do this we had to preach the concept and create opportunities and events for the community to shape. This we did so they could get emotionally connected, so it became valuable to them. 

Building blocks

Remember tetris? Each blok fits to complete the ‘C’ (Complex). Each has its own role, but is made to fit. 

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