The hidden beauty

How Roman mythology engaged the target group and excited the neighbourhood of a luxury appartment complex.

The task

Like any other project we started with the question ‘why’. Our client introduced us to an old office building he was going to transform in 30 apartments. Our tast was making the unknown project known to the target group (Young urban professionals).

Our challenge

Location was a major deal for our target group. However, the location was horrible… literally hidden behind a few high buildings, with only an alley to find it. This is where Latona was born.

Concept & Storytelling

Our key word was ‘hidden’. In our research we found out that the location was owned by the Romans ages ago. This excited us to go back in Roman history and we ended up in the Roman mythology. Long story short… Latona is a goddess whom beauty was hidden. Her beauty captivated the eyes of Zeus, whom loved her dearly. With this in mind our positioning was formed. 

Latona's voice

Pitching this concept we had the board of our clients team blindfolded. While allowing Latona to draw them in. She told them she was fully furnished and even invited them to drink a cold beer on her balcony in the hot summer. From our clients reactions they were excited and we were could start adding more to the Latona concept. Giving the building its own personality wasn’t only fun for us but also for our the board members. With their eyes close we witnessed nothing but smiles. We ended our show by targeting their other senses by presenting materials and colours we believed should be used in its design.

A godly feeling

To complete our concept we branded Latona to attract our target group. Our goal is a soft, mystical, godly and luxurious appearance.

Latona's is really like a new neighbour

“The friendship with Latona was quickly made on facebook and the fun messages went back and forth. The communication with surrounding neighbours was very strong, almost like a gimmick. I really had the feeling that I was speaking to Latona and I played along with it. We got direct reaction when we posted something on her page, like she was really a new neighbour.”

Sanne H.

Publication in Leven Magazine Number 19 – pg.104

Publication in Leven Magazine Number 19 – pg.102 – 105

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