A new way of living

What if your housing made it possible for you to have all your necessity inside? A place you can work, eat, sleep, meet and play! Sounds like a dream? Its not! This is One Space.

New oppurtunities & healthy living

During the pandemic we all had to adjust to a new living where our freedom was some what ‘removed’. Public places and entertainment weren’t open for business and that caused us to rethink the concept ‘Living’. Our homes became more than a space to sleep and eat, but also work and play. Two word healthy living; mentally, emotionally, socially, physically and spiritually all possible in the same (ONE) space. 

Concept & Storytelling

People were eager to enjoy life as it was before the pandemic. We realised how important social contact was and we knew that all would go back to normal eventually. The concept of a space where everything is available seemed like a must. Not only can you sleep, but there is a gym, cafe, shared kitchen working area, game room. Its almost like going to Disney World but in the comfort of your own home. 

Target group

Using the BSR- Lifestyle model and persona’s development we researched the ‘One Spacers’ we wanted to target. To attract them emotionally to this project we had to go in dept with their character and match our concept to their needs and desire. 

Concept as presented to the client with the functions of One Space explained. 

Bold & Future proof

We branded this complex to match both the desire and expectation of our target group. We looked at what they are use to and what would draw their attention. 

Source: In de buurt online newspaper.

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